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Web Presence, URLs, and Social marketing

Without a professionally published presence on the Internet does your business have the fighting chance it deserves?

The Internet is a great place to keep your potential and current customers up to date on the services and products your company provides. It also gives your organization a unique opportunity to display the life that surround your business, like charitable events, social outreach, and great employees.


We use several URLs at BALANCE Computer Services. The name of the business is our primary address, We also use the most common extension, dotCOM.

Our quick link is This shorter version of our really long name is an easier way of informing people of who we are and what we do.

A shorter version of the same name also drops the walls for communication. It's much easier for someone wanting to upgrade or purchase new services to type vs, or vs


Social media is one of the largest driving forces on the Internet. Without social media, your business is simply missing out. The point of social media is to spread the word to your friends and family. They want to hear your likes (and sometimes dislikes) about the actions that happen around the business. Much like your own personal soap opera.

Wix is our primary driver behind the cool tricks and slick pictures we use on our beautiful site. They also have social media tools to help keep my facebook followers up to date on who we are and why we do it.

Most of our posts on social media are not business related. That's our web site's job. Our followers want to see how our company helps create a better quality of life for our employees: holiday parties, company functions, corporate picnics, community volunteering. etc...


While Wix isn't the only business providing these Internet services, they are the team that fits OUR business's budget, service needs, and our site is beautiful with minimal setup time. What ever service you choose, you need to stay on top of how your business is reflected on the Internet.


Many of our customers at BALANCE use us to update their current site. Other businesses use us to design their site. If we can help your organization, please let us know.

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