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Support Services / Self Support?

We have upgraded to a new support site with a new help desk system, Now our customers can use our documentation. That's right... the IT department's documentation can be viewed by paying customers.

Our techs write down everything they do. Those notes are combined, cleaned up, and turned into a generalized reference document for other techs to use. Now, we publish those documents and organize them on the front page of our help desk.


Why would a paying customer want to do the work themselves?



The boss forgot to request a new setup in the system for the new employee starting today. Submitting a ticket now means there will be a lot of waiting and awkward apologies. You haven't setup a new user in two years since hiring BALANCE Computer Services. The FNG, Fun New Guy, can't even log into the system to look at new hire paperwork.


Go to our help desk site and run a quick search for 'New User' or 'User Setup.' Our helpful documents will have enough information to get you back in the drivers seat and setting up new users quickly.


Fixing issues yourself is easy, fast, and more fun.


If you pay us for services. We don't think managing networks of computers shouldn't feel like magic. If you want to know how we do what we do, look it up, we now publish our notes for paying customers on the new support site.

Our regular secure documentation process hasn't changed. Learned by doing, honed by auditors, our documentation is like nothing you've ever seen. We have a proprietary system that keeps information on your technology up to date and applicable. Knowing what to document and how to make it searchable is a special skill. We have been working and improving our systems for more than 35 years.

Contact us now to see what it's like to have an IT department that respects your employees, your business, and your budget.


Thanks for reading this blog! This whole process has been an amazing experience for me.

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