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Document, Never memorize

  • What do you do when something breaks?

  • What happens if the power failed and the data center didn't start back up?

  • How do you recreate a dead computer without instructions?


Documenting your devices and tools is critical for any field; but, it's especially important for Information Technology. Software settings, OS configurations, network passwords might only be seen one time when you were setting up the device. If you didn't write down your settings, what do you do if it breaks?


“Never memorize something that you can look up.”

― Albert Einstein


At BALANCE Computer Services we create comprehensive documentation for our clients. Not only do the clients have a broad scoping document to troubleshoot when we're not around, but auditors love us. If your a hospital, bank, government agency, or publicly traded company, you understand auditors are part of the business. Our proactive documentation systems always help audits run as smooth as possible.



Don't let technology Dominate your business. Contact BALANCE Computer Services now to help find a balance between Life, Business, and Technology between employees, technology, and costs.

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