Computer tip #56, listen to your fans.

More tips to get the most out of your computer.

#56 Listen to your fans.

When your computer gets hot, I mean really hot, fans kick on and circulate the hot air with cooler air. The fans should all shut off after a while. When your fans don't kick off there could be a few possible problems causing the issue:

  1. The case is dirty. Let BALANCE properly service the computer, cleaning it inside and out. We will also inspect the components for possible damaged due to heat, or anything else.

  2. The cables inside the case could be blocking proper air flow. We can properly modify the computer's cables as needed. This is free to our contract holders, please submit a ticket like normal.

  3. The hardware is under powered for the software running on the machine. With BALANCE's custom monitoring software, we can monitor your computers where ever they are. As long as they are connected to the Internet, we can see what's overworked (besides the end user).

When you partner with BALANCE Computer Services you're technology worries become a thing of the past. We employ and partner with world leaders in encryption, monitoring, and networking. We would love to help your business become leaders of technology in your industry. Contact us and let us know what you do.

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